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open forum

One of Search's most popular and dynamic events is the "Open Forum." The Open Forum is a gathering of friends for the purpose of interacting on significant life and God issues. Normally, it takes place in a home or conference room where the guests enjoy eating, meeting each other, laughing and sharing their thoughts. It is an authentic, stimulating discussion about basic life issues, not a Bible study, lecture series, or theological debate.

The objective is to help people examine their philosophies of life. Many people have never carefully evaluated their beliefs, and the Open Forum provides a comfortable environment to do this. And since the Forum is "open," you pick the topics of conversation!

A Search staff member moderates the meetings to ensure a stimulating dialogue that is comfortable, affirming, and challenging. The moderator also makes three promises that are honored throughout the Open Forum series. First, the Forum is a group discussion, not a debate or a lecture, and no one person or viewpoint will dominate. Secondly, the discussion is limited to one hour, to respect the time of the people who come (informal conversations often continue afterwards). Thirdly, if and when appropriate, the moderator may offer a "biblical" perspective as one more opinion to be considered for discussion.

If you have questions about life or God, this is a safe, non-threatening place to explore those issues. Please contact Jeff Hart at 503.682.6808 to find out when & where the next Open Forum series is being held.