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Search Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find answers to questions of faith, such as:

Is there a God?
How can there be a God when there is so much suffering in this world?
Isn't the Bible unreliable and full of mistakes?
Do miracles really happen?
Do science and evolution disprove the Bible?
How can any single religion claim to have the only way to God?
Why are so many religious people hypocrites?
Isn't religion just a psychological crutch for weak-minded people?
What's my purpose?  Why am I here?

It is our belief that these good questions deserve good answers.  We explore answers to these questions through teaching, seminars, and discussion groups.  Search was created to help men and women who are searching for meaningful answers to life's tough questions.  We like to create non-threatening environments where all kinds of religious beliefs and perspectives can be shared and explored openly.  As part of the process, we throw a biblical perspective into the discussion as one of the options to be discussed.

Who is Search for?  For anyone who is searching for answers about God & life.  If that's you, then you're welcome to join the search for meaning with us.


Jeff Hart

Jeff Hart
Portland Area Director